My name is Nico Forero, I am an independent filmmaker and animator based in Brussels. Shaping ideas into images is my passion. 

I studied Digital Media at the TAFE institute of Sydney, Australia, where I also worker for ILSC Sydney as Digital Content Creator.  

In 2015 I joined the DOCNOMADS Erasmus Mundus master’s degree in documentary film directing, hosted by three universities in Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. I finished in 2017 and then I joined the Masters in Animation at LUCA School of Arts. Meanwhile I have been running the visual unit at DIGITYSER, an organisation working on the digitalisation of Brussels by promoting Virtual / Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Blockchain.

Aiming to establish myself professionally in the heart of Europe, I am currently looking for new projects. My fields of interest are storytelling for social transformation, documentary, animation, new technologies, and Digital communication.

If you have a project in mind where I can contribute please don’t hesitate to drop me a line, I am keen and highly motivated to put my skills into practice and I am sure that shaping ideas into images we can bring value to your project together.

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